360 Ink – Powered by Epson Ready Ink

Pay-as-you go Peace of Mind

Thanks to Epson ReadyInk™ technology, you’ll never run out of ink again, with this hassle free, subscription free service.

It’s easy to register with us, there are no monthly contracted payments, it just charges when it’s necessary when a new cartridge is needed With this automated system in place, you’ll always have a supply of high quality ink.

No more shopping for inks – try this automated service

Why 360ink powered by Epson ReadyInk?

Never Run Out of Ink
Don’t get caught out; with ReadyInk you can enjoy a continous and automated supply of ink cartridges.

Free Registration
It’s free to register a printer for ReadyInk. You’ll simply need your Printer’s Serial Number. It’s located on the
side of your printer packaging or on the back of the printer itself.

No Monthly Subscription
Forget being tied to a monthly contract; you only pay for the ink you need.
With no contract, you can stop at any time.

Genuine Ink
Our inks and printers are designed to work in harmony, so that they’ll give you consistent and
reliable results without any fuss.

Here is how to apply with 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to www.360ink.co.uk and Enter the serial number of your printer you wish to register
  2. Complete the step by step guide – Epson manufactured printers dating back to 2013 are compatible with ReadyInk, however a small piece of software will need installing for some models – this will need installing on your PC/Laptop – once you have completed this stage you will be sent an email to the provided address with a link to download and install the necessary software (If you have been sent this software then this will need installing in order for Epson to detect when your Ink runs low)
  3. Continue through the mandatory fields, please note that once you reach Option 3 (Purchased From) you will need to selected the reseller that sold you the printer (DLG Computers) – if they are not on the list then please select “None of the Above” – this will be your go to company for customer service and queries.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, auser accountwill be created for you and you will have access to the portal.
Login details will be sent directly to your registered email addressand you will be prompted to change the password.
Once logged into the Portal, you can see your registered printer, register more printers against the same account, see any previous or current orders, change your payment details, shipping details, marketing preferences and you can also cancel your account if no longer required
You’re good to go! Print as much as you want and never run out of ink again!

Q) What if I need to change some settings like my address or card details?
A) Once you register with 360Ink you gain access to the portal where you can
amend any of your settings and even make contact with your reseller if you require

Q) Can I get a receipt?
A) Yes when your ink is despatched you will receive an emailed VAT invoice from
the reseller

Q) What if the ink doesn’t
A) Once your ink cycle starts you will be notified by email please allow 7 working
days for delivery. If your ink has not been received within 7 days, please reply to any
of cycles emails. Or you can access your reseller details through your portal

Q) What if there’s a problem with my ink, e.g. it arrives damaged?
A) As above, please contact the reseller