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DLG provide several different business services designed to support, secure and enhance your business IT. With Cyber Security and IT playing such a key role in running anything from a single person to multiple user business it has never been more important to have the correct level of support.

With our packages we provide a multi level support including all the critical areas you have thought about and some you may not be aware of. We can provide a risk assessment based around your business and current data handling. Listed below are the standard packages and what is covered all with flexible options to meet your needs. We use the software ourselves so we have tried and tested and built confidence in the solutions. Contact us for further information or if you wish to see a demonstration.

Security Suite

Our security suite includes everything you would expect in an Antivirus / Antimalware product but is fully managed by us. This means we will update and monitor the software and resolve any issues or infections for you. With added protection to block threats from known scam websites and malicious software. With built in content filtering you can also defend against lost hours on irrelevant website access.


We offer multiple layers of support from Telephone to us taking control of the device remotely to demonstrate and fix issues. Our support software also hardware monitors and reports potential system issues allowing us to capture failures before they happen. This also includes illegal shutdown or crashing on the machine that could indicate an underlying fault.

Threat Protection

Threats don’t just come in the form of Malicious software or viruses. One of the biggest threats is the human element of clicking on windows and pop ups believing they are from a known source. In some cases the commands being run are not picked up by Antimalware software but can cause complete data loss. The protection we provide uses smart learning technology to know what applications you run and stop these commands in their tracks.

Cloud Services and Hosting

We offer managed cloud services with both Microsoft 365, Cloud backup and Password Management tools. Password management is often overlooked but also vital for any business security. Using a single password to access a vault that automatically fills in credentials, address and even card details makes the use of passwords simple safe and effective. No more changing passwords all the time as you have forgotten them or lost the piece of paper it was written on. With the ability to share required passwords to team members through secure accounts.

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