Coming up with a list of only 10 games that give us nostalgia was a challenge, considering we all had terrific suggestions. When making this list we all began to remember great memories playing some childhood classics. The games on this list consist of games we played on several consoles from the N64 to the PS2 and more! Does Pokémon make the cut? Check out our list!

1. Simpsons Hit & Run – 

The game Simpsons Hit & Run follows the life of the Simpson family and some other loved characters. Throughout the game there are several strange occurrences that begin to occur in Springfield. There are seven main levels as well as other side missions that contribute to an intriguing yet entertaining game full of activities to do. Growing up, The Simpsons was a TV series that everyone loved to watch and this game was no different. The ability to free roam was highly entertaining and there was always a lot to do in terms of missions, exploring the map and collecting new items such as clothing and cars. The game was full of laughs and excitement making it really enjoyable still to this day.

2. Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 –

The original Star Wats Battlefront games consisted of single player and multiplayer all out action. Both have single player campaigns as well as many more single player game modes. You can also play multiplayer. There are various maps as well as characters to pick from to play with. The maps also consist of space encounters which expands what you can do with the game. The campaign specifically on Battlefront 2 is extremely gripping and interesting to play especially because it links with the occurrences of the films. Unlike the Star Wars Battlefront games we have today, the classic Battlefront games were fun, long lasting so you wouldn’t get more straight away and they contained the whole game not just a lot of DLC that you have to pay for on top of the existing game. It is no wonder that these older games are still playable today. These two iconic games had it all and they continue to be great.

3. COD 4 –

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooting game. This game unlike those previous to it is based around modern days. The campaign focuses on conflicts around the Middle East due to the execution of a president as well as civil war movements in Russia. The perspective is of the U.S Marine Force and the British SAS. As well as a brilliant campaign the game consists of modern based multiplayer action with several game modes. The first modern day Call of Duty did not disappoint. There was a lot of action on single player and multiplayer with a lot to do. The campaign was extremely intense and entertaining. With many online game modes, the game did not get boring and essentially changed the game not only for Call of Duty, but other shooter games.

4. RuneScape –

This game takes place in the world of Gielinor which is a medieval fantasy realm consisting of several kingdoms that you can explore on foot, through spells or ships. Within each region there are different challenges to face in the shape of monsters and quests. You could customise your own character and focus on your own goals as there was no storyline to follow. There was always a lot to do on RuneScape. RuneScape was extremely addicting and fun to play. By exploring the map there would always be a lot of activities and the fact that you could play with your friends was even better. You could do quests, battles and trades with people across the servers. You could talk to people through a chat which at the time was also really cool. The aspect of obtaining resources was also extremely fun, in general this was a brilliant game that is still going strong today.

5. GTA: San Andreas-

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an action/adventure game played in a third-person perspective in an open world environment meaning you as the player could interact with the in game world how you please. The game is set in the fictional state of San Andreas where the campaign follows the story of “CJ” as he tries to re-establish his gang life after the murder of his mother. San Andreas is considered to be one of the greatest video games ever made. The campaign story was brilliant, gripping and extremely entertaining. The music, cut-scenes and gameplay in general really fit in with the story and made it extremely fun. The freedom within the game was also new and extremely amusing as you had a lot to do.

6. Need for Speed Franchise

The Need for Speed franchise is a series of racing video games. These races consist usually of street racing and evading the police pursuits. Each game will have a campaign to it where you race as you progress through the story and outside of the story through free roaming. Car customisation is also a unique feature that lets you get involved more, customising your own supercars. The Need for Speed games have always been extremely fun because there is a lot to do. The racing aspect doesn’t get old especially considering within each game there is a huge selection of super cars to purchase, earn and ultimately customise. Racing your friends, others online and evading the police makes the game very entertaining.

7. Spyro & Crash Bandicoot

I know we said 10 but we couldn’t miss out any of these two heroes so we decided it was only fair to include the both! Especially because over time they’ve had several crossovers!

The Spyro series follows the adventures of Spyro the Dragon and his loyal companion Sparx the Dragonfly. From freeing fellow Dragons across the world from crystal prisons to defeating Malefor, The Dark Master from destroying the world, across the Spyro series there are many quests to take on and meet new friends along the way. Spyro, when first introduced was an extremely fun game in which you could do a lot of quests and explore lots of areas. Every Spyro game was different in terms of the combat system and the gameplay always improved. In one Spyro you could even level up Spyro and improve his spells and combat which was really fun.

The Crash Bandicoot series follows the story of a bandicoot named Crash who lives a quiet life on the Wumpa Islands but always has to stop his creator Dr Neo Cortex who wants to kill Crash and gain world domination. There are many games in this series. Crash Bandicoot has always been a fun game with a funny storyline to it. The gameplay was fun which made it a very popular game.

8. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts follows the story of mainly Sora and his friends Riku and Kairi that all get separated from their home island. On Sora’s adventures he teams up with characters from several Disney, Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You and Pixar worlds. Throughout these games you would adventure to defeat enemies across different planets. The storyline is simply brilliant and. All nine games have brilliant storylines to follow and you travel from world to world, it doesn’t get boring. From flying Aladdin’s carpet to swinging with Tarzan there are so many characters to meet as friends and foes. The story is gripping, exciting and really detailed which makes the games amazing.

9. Pokémon Franchise, but specifically Red, Blue, Green & Yellow

How could we not talk about one of the most iconic games of the 90’s and still highly popular today? The concept of Pokémon is to catch fictional characters called Pokémon and train them to be the best. You usually start off in a small town and always have a local neighbour as your rival throughout the whole game. During this game you begin with your starter Pokémon and battle people throughout the story to try and catch all the Pokémon. The usual objectives of the game are to collect all Pokémon, defeat the gym leaders, defeat the bad guys and your rival too. Throughout the individual game there are a lot of side quests and bonus missions that you can do. The games all have really fun stories, new Pokémon, characters and the gameplay in general continuously improves. The story doesn’t get boring and it is really challenging as you progress throughout the game, giving you a sense of achievement when you collect all Pokémon, defeat all the Gyms and stop the bad guys. Why Red, Blue, Green & Yellow? Well, all Pokémon games are enjoyable but these contain the main Pokémon from the original series! Growing up these are the Pokémon we remember!

10. GoldenEye

Talk about a throwback! One of the oldest and the last game on this list is an absolute classic! GoldenEye is a first-person shooter game based on the James Bond film, GoldenEye. This game had both single player and multiplayer modes which were really fun. For a game that is now 20+ years old the graphics and gameplay were superb! The single player campaign story was detailed and enjoyable making it extremely fun to play. The multiplayer mode was entertaining as you could play with up to four others in various forms of death match. As mentioned, for a now very old game there was so much to do and it was very detailed in terms of weapons, graphics and storyline. A brilliant game we all miss playing!

So there is our list of 10 games that give us Nostalgia. What do you think of our list? What games did we miss out? Let us know below!

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